Book: “Receiving the Holy Spirit”

Book: “Receiving the Holy Spirit”

Book: "Receiving the Holy Spirit"

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Amazingly, this book was written within 24 hours. While I was ministering about receiving the Holy Spirit, I promised my audience that I will give guideline on how to ask for the Holy Spirit from God but while I was about to send the ten lines of guideline, I observe that I will face more questions from people because of many wicked deceitful beliefs propagated by wicked and carnally minded preachers.
Then I sat down in front of my laptop to give a detailed narration of the issue of receiving the Holy Spirit.
This is not really a Bible Study but a guideline for if it is a Bible Study, it will be far more detailed than this.
I do hope this mini–book will help you in your desire to know God more personally and to know how you can walk with Him.
Please check the last page to know how you can get in touch with me in case you need further clarifications or questions.
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  1. Grace Olushoto says:

    I want to know more about the Holy Spirit and the meaning of it

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