Ohun Aanu Episode 159

Ohun Aanu Episode 159

Title: Asiko ere mbe, ti l’oko-l’aya nd’oweke
Description: This is a total departure from the usual Ohun Aanu we used to know. It is a direct open response to some so-called “servant of God” who threatens the host of your powerful podcast and his response. It is a no-hold open challenge

4 comments on Ohun Aanu Episode 159

  1. Irene says:

    May the Lord continue to empower you and I pray for more power, love and more of Him in your life IJMN,amen.

  2. Samson O SHogbanmu says:

    Pastor Sam, what is wrong with the podcast? Before, you can follow the podcast numerically but now you can not find anything in the podcast.
    Can you educate me better.
    My sincere greetings to your family. I love you all.

    1. It simply menas that you are not following all our program sir. We have moved to a new app and we have serially announced it on Ojo Aanu Live broadcast. Please uninstall the app and download the new app from Play or Apple Store. THe name of the new app is SAM Intl

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