As this ministry is expanding, there comes so many positive challenges to overcome and keeping with the pace of progress is overwhelming at times. Though I know the work will be enormous, it never cross my imagination how massive it’s going to be! Initially, the mandate of God to open my mouth and teach the world all He (God) has taught me seemed like a child’s play considering the fact that I found it pleasurable, privileged and joyful to teach the word of God.

Alas! Almost three years on, it become so massive to the point that we are always short of hands to meet overwhelming demands of the ministry. Thanks to you all for your prayers, counseling, support encouragements and financial assistance (and of course, criticism both godly and ugly ones. It keep us on our toes which as well help us keep our spiritual balance). Now, Ohun Aanu Podcast has become a phenomenal and according to testimonies worldwide, more and more people are seeing God and His word in all new perspectives.

As the ministry is expanding through the grace of sharing that God has given to you all, other programs are added by divine manipulations. Now, we have two other powerful weekly programs, (Ojo Aanu, a YouTube live program and 20 Prayer Points, a Conference Call prayer program every Wednesday Night) and to the glory of God, Mercygate Radio is born!

However, in order to make it easier to reach far more people and to make it also easier for you to banish falsehood, sin, hypocrisy and darkness that plagued our churches through your aggressive evangelism, we are soon to replace our present 2 mobile applications with a new “All-in-One” mobile application.

This new application is going to be available by the end of this month, July and it will comprise of everything! Yes!! Everything!!!.

Here are it’s features:

*Ohun Aanu: You will be able to listen to your powerful-deliverance podcast, Ohun Aanu within the mobile app and you can also share it with your friends and family within the app without using other social media platform like WhatsApp. You will also be able to get notifications when new episode is added.

*Ojo Aanu: This feature includes all videos we ever produced on YouTube and contains all video preview. When you click your preferred video, it will take you directly to where the video is on YouTube.

*Mercygate Radio: Because this app is a native app, it host our new radio station, Mercygate Radio and you can as well have unhindered access to the radio station without the need of having another app for this purpose on your phone. We are starting broadcast as soon as we release our program schedule by the end of the month.

*LiveChat: This feature works exactly like WhatsApp or facebook Messenger where you can chat live with us anytime any day. This powerful feature will get you closer to us most especially when you need urgent response.

*Bible: As it’s name implies, you can access the Holy Bible within the app itself. Yes! Full Bible from Genesis to Revelation without moving out of the application.

*Social Media: You can post to Pastor Sam Adeosun’s Twitter and facebook accounts directly from the app. You can also see our latest posts and tweets on our social media platform on the app without using your browser.

*Free Book: We are adding free publications as the Lord provides and you can access those books within the app. You can also download your preferred ebook from the app to your phone.

*Poll: As long as you have the app on your phone, you can participate in our weekly poll. This feature will be fun all through.

*Contact: You can send email or call Pastor Sam Adeosun from a link on the app.

*Giving: Giving can now be done via PayPal and Card (Yes! Any Card) from the mobile app. It is secured and easy too.

**We are open to suggestions before the app is published in few days time as we desire to give you a truly “all-in-One” mobile application.

It will be available for iOS, Android and LIVE HTML5. Wait!! What is the name of the mobile application? That is a secret for now!! Can’t wait too!!!