Ohun Aanu Episode 109

Ohun Aanu Episode 109

Title Aj’egbodo ni won, se ni won nw’eni kura
Description: This is the aftermath of a powerful revelation and a message sent to mankind.

2 comments on Ohun Aanu Episode 109

  1. Grace Olushoto says:

    Sir I love the gospels which u preach out to the whole wide world my only prayer for those who listen to this word is that we should not be the hearer of it but to make best use of it so as to sow the seeds to others in Jesus Christ Name Amin

  2. I’m not a spammer but luvs the gospel which u share with u not everyone is so talented to do what you are able to pls I love to be hearing the gospel everytime it’s makes me a wonderful mother and human and as bring a lot of changes to my life thanks may God continue to abide with u and strengthen u Amin

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