Ohun Aanu Episode 91

Ohun Aanu Episode 91

Title: Enit’o l’eru, lo m’ohun t’o dii be
Description: This episode unveil one of the confessions of a possessed woman who revealed the inner workings of the kingdom of darkness.

8 comments on Ohun Aanu Episode 91

  1. Lucy Ibitola says:

    God help us mother

  2. Queen Jummie says:

    Sir, you are a light. Your Anointing will not run dry IJMN.

  3. Adebusola says:

    This is so insightful. God bless

  4. Mrs Beatrice jegede says:

    This is serious this reminds me of our layreaders wife when I was growing up. Another thing parents should be careful of is giving of snacks in children,s churches

  5. Mrs Beatrice jegede says:

    Ogao this is quite serious but very true cos it’s reminds me of our lay reader’s wife when I was growing up. Parents should also be careful about the issue of snacks nd refreshments . May God continue to preserve you and your household sir

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