Ohun Aanu Episode 79

Title – Ibi t’onikaluku ba d’eru e si, nii tii tu
Description – According to the host “Ohun Aanu”, he prophetically speak that this episode will break all record set by earlier episodes. The reason is that it is not only a deep spiritual message, it will surely change the way you see life.

5 comments on Ohun Aanu Episode 79

  1. Grace Odushola says:

    Good afternoon Sir,
    I’m not able to listen to the podcast on episode 88 online. The icon for this episode is not active on the website

    1. Thanks ma for your notification. It has been resolved and everything now work smoothly. The issue is due to a plugin error from the developer. Thanks
      Sam Adeosun

  2. Olaide says:

    Hello please sir can you pls give the bible verse in english pleass?

  3. Hannah Adedeji says:

    May God continue to endow you with overflowing wisdom from heaven, the strength and enablement to continue to bless this generation with such deep words and mysteries of the kingdom.

    1. Amen ma… thank you ma

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