Ohun Aanu Episode 74

Title – B’eeyan ba f’aso ara re si’ileele, ori olori a fi nu’le
Description – One thing the Berean Church was good at is to verify everything their pastors preached. They will never allow heresy into their lives. Today’s episode focus on the dangers if allowing anyone to dump spiritual garbage into one’s life.

2 comments on Ohun Aanu Episode 74

  1. Mrs Beatrice jegede says:

    Sir is any thing wrong with a child of God going into politics? Ever since I heared your message my mind is a bit settled that indeed that Nigeria will be healed cos I know that the land is sick.

    1. Dear ma,
      there is nothing wrong at all when a Christian join politics BUT my concern is that the politics played in Nigeria is too violent and dangerous. If you want to join politics, I will encourage you because if good people run away from running Nigeria, bad people will come in.

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