Impartation Tour

The Spirit of the Lord has instructed the servant of God, Sam Adeosun to “Go” and he is ready to heed God’s instructions to impart the lives of people, most especially the listeners of his powerful podcast, Ohun Aanu.
The confirmation of this is evident recently as numerous people are asking him to visit their cities. Because of too many of such request, we are asking you to send a “Come to Macedonia” message to us to be able determine the priority places to go as the Spirit of God did not indicate which place to go first.
You can also encourage you friends, most especially fellow Ohun Aanu podcast listeners.
The highlight of his Impartation Tour includes:
Questions and Answers Session
One-on-One Counseling
Seminar and Anointing Service
It will surely be a time of overflowing grace as the Light will locate and expose all darkness in Jesus name.
Jesus Christ remains the Lord!!!


“Come to Macedonia” Request

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